A Rich Retirement

Whether it is you who is approaching those golden years we call retirement or one of your loved ones is in those years, there is no question that making that shift from the working world and years of responsibility and hard work is not constantly simple. The sudden change of lifestyle and that feeling of “not being useful” is one of the most hard elements of retirement and getting older. When you combine that with decreased activity and the natural decrease in physical ability that aging brings, you have a powerful emotional change to go through.

That is why individuals who actively counsel the senior have actually discovered that the most positive thing a person can do to fight that depression and sense of “uselessness” that plaques retired people is to make themselves helpful. And there is no better place for them to do that than in community service.

There are a range of excellent factors that volunteerism among the senior is such an excellent concept. And if you are in a position to counsel an aging member of the family or close friend, it is necessary to bear in mind that doing community service is not everything about being charitable and assisting the down and out. It is just as much about the health and health of the retiree as it is for the excellent of the neighborhood and individuals in it.

By going out into the neighborhood and finding fulfilling ways to carry out social work, that sense of “being required” and being a part of something is returned to the senior citizen. Community service and the retirement set are a perfect match for each other. Individuals who are staffing community service projects are constantly in need of a military of certified and mature aid, specifically from those who have sufficient time to really do a great job with a community service task.

This is ideal for retiree who if anything experiences too much time on their hands. Too often, that time can be turned to self-pity or delighting in less than healthy way of living choice. Community service is, after all, “work”. And as an individuals who are enjoying their rewards from a life time of work, this is simply the important things to change to a life of retirement.

Community service can likewise call upon the elderly to participate in some level of physical activity. Now your local community service organizer can see to it that their senior volunteers are provided assignments appropriate to their physical abilities. However just going out there and greeting others, reading to the blind, helping with a food or blood drive or jumping in where they can on a huge community task gets the blood moving and possibly just the ideal sort of exercise they have to remain active and healthy.

Social work likewise offers opportunities to socialize with people of all ages and social backgrounds. One of the greatest risks of a retirement way of living is the loneliness and isolation getting out of the working world causes. Even if the elderly person lives in a retirement community, the chance to socialize with more youthful individuals and people of many backgrounds and orientations is tremendously healthy for the psychological stability of one because stage of life.

The benefits to the retired person of getting associated with community service are many. However giving that retired person that sense of personal value and worth that they have come to get out of daily’s work is valuable beyond measurement. Lots of social work jobs are short term so the volunteers get that immediate gratification that gives anybody a boost, but even more so a retiree who feels neglected and not helpful. Community service may be just the medication to cure those ills.